Shane Davis 2005

07/08/2005 - Foxleigh Mine - Vehicle / Tyre

On the 7th August, 2005, Mr Davis was working a day shift when he noticed that one of the tyres on the vehicle he was driving was "doughy". He went to the Korn workshop at the Foxleigh Mine site to attend to the tyre. Whilst a tyre fitter was employed at the workshop on a part time basis, it was the duty of the truck drivers to remove wheel assemblies with defective or damaged tyres from the vehicle, leave them to be attended to by the tyre fitter and replace the assembly with another. Mr Davis was attending to this task when the drive wheel rim assembly he was handling gave way under pressure due to a wear crack in the rim. Mr Davis had not deflated the tyres on the wheel assembly. The tyre on the outer rim was forced from the assembly and it and parts of the rim struck Mr Davis, throwing him away from the vehicle. He was immediately attended to by workmates and medical attention was sought. He suffered serious injuries which proved to be fatal.

This accident claimed the life of Shane William Davis


1. The coal mine operators critically review the effectiveness and implementation of their mine safety and health management system.

2. 2.1 That senior site executives of coal mines be required to have a competency such as MNCG1107(a) establish and maintain the mine occupational health and safety management system.

2.2 The safety and health advisory counsel consider the range of competencies required for supervisors and persons charged with the development of safety and health management systems.

2.3 All SSEs of coal mines develop a system to ensure that all supervisors are able to and are effectively applying risk management competencies.

3. That consideration be give to amending section 44(6) of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 to require that manufacturers and suppliers inform the regulator, as well as their customers, in the event they become aware of the hazardous aspect of, or defect in the equipment that the supplier has supplied to a coal mine.

4. That a body such as the Resources and Infrastructure Skills Counsel develop a suite of competencies for persons providing advice on safety and health management systems in the coal mining industry.

5. 5.1 The earthmoving committee of Standards Australia review the suitability of retaining rim sizes as a limiting factor in determining the applicability of Australian Standard 4457.

5.2 Standards Australia should review all associated tyre and rim standards.

6. 6.1 That all coal mines employing contractors create a senior position for the control of contractors.

7. 7.1 That a system be established by all coal mines to ensure the next of kin of any person involved in a serious or fatal accident can be expeditiously contacted.

7.2 That the protocol between the Inspectorate and the Queensland Police Service be reviewed to ensure effective and timely communications between the organisations during the investigation.

8. That the Inspectorate liaise with other departments, industry, and professional bodies to ensure that the safety message relating to the hazard of uncontrolled release of stored energy from tyres, particularly when affixed to multi-piece rims and the need for training of those exposed to the hazard is disseminated across all industries and applications of the equipment.