Alan Morgan 1996

19/09/1996 - Oaky Creek Number 1 Mine - Vehicle

On the afternoon shift of 19 September 1996, Alan Morgan lost his life on the surface of the Oaky Creek No 1 underground mine.

Mr. Morgan's body was discovered in about 1.6 metres of water and at the bottom of the mine waste water lagoon, in close proximity to or partly under the partly submerged Noyes (boart longyear) multi purpose vehicle, serial number 186, mine unit number MV03.

This accident claimed the life of Alan Morgan


1. Every excavation in a mine whether at the surface or underground shall be securely protected by an adequate barrier and made safe for persons and equipment working in the area.

2. The chief inspector of coal mines vary, under the provisions of part 16.1 of the general rules for underground coal mines, part 16.3 of the said rules to include areas where bulky materials, equipment or implements are stored, with a view to providing good visibility in
areas of vehicle activity.

3. A precise, practical and appropriate bake testing procedure shall be developed and implemented within a reasonable time period. This procedure shall include clear, pass/fail criteria and the provision for the training and accreditation of testing personnel. 

4. That the chief inspector of coal mines establish an industry task group to investigate and develop guidelines for free steered vehicles, to include worlds best practice in:

  • Ergonomic design principles;
  • Maintenance, examination and testing;
  • Operating controls;
  • Operator security.

5. That a system be implemented as soon as practicable, whereby it is ensured, that all relevant notices, directions, or memoranda, be brought to the attention of all employees, within a reasonable timeframe.

Any such system, once devised, should ensure that all personnel acknowledge having perused such relevant documentation by the dating and signing of same, respectively.